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How to Keep Your Driveway Ice-Free This Winter

Jun 9, 2023 | Driveway Paving

Winter is in full swing. For many of us, that also means snow and ice, two things we don’t want on our driveways.

So how do you keep it looking spotless? You have a few options. It really depends on how large of an area you want to clean, whether just a patio or a driveway.

Apply Ice Melt to Your Driveway

Ice melt products are most effective when they are applied to a concrete surface before snowfall. By applying the deicer before the first flakes hit your driveway, you allow your deicer to melt the snow as it lands. This prevents a briny layer that prevents snow and ice from bonding to your concrete. There are few feelings better than looking out the window after a snowfall to see your driveway is snow-free without any shoveling or snow blowing.

  • Deicers are most effective when applied to bare concrete before the snow arrives.
  • Deicers have limited success when they are only applied on top of the snow.
  • For optimal results apply deicer before, during, and after large winter storms.

Rock Salt

The most common way to de-ice your driveway is to use rock salt. The benefit: it’s cheap and available everywhere. The downside: it contains cyanide and chloride, making it dangerous for plants and pets.


Sand or gravel is good for creating traction, making icy surfaces less dangerous to walk across, but they can create a goopy mess of the driveway and clog up storm drains during a thaw.

Shovel Regularly

As with most things, there’s no easy way out when it comes to de-icing your driveway. The most effective method—one that is green and works 100 percent of the time—is to prevent snow from building up and turning into ice in the first place. That means shoveling snow as soon as the white stuff hits the ground, even if it involves venturing out mid-storm.


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